Are you thinking of buying a home in the next year? 

Here are few things you should do to get started! 

Improve your credit score

Generally the higher your credit score, the more favorable mortgage terms you can find. A higher credit score can open up different types of mortgages and also allow lenders to offer you better interest rates! 

Do you need any help on how to improve your credit? Talk to your lender or ask me to connect you with one from my network! A mortgage broker can provide practical advice or refer you to a reputable credit repair company if that is needed.

Not sure about your credit score? Go to to find out where you stand! 

Save more for your down payment

The more you put towards your down payment, the smaller the mortgage! And the lower your monthly payments.

A higher down payment also can improve your mortgage options – more money down lowers your interest rate and also reduces or eliminates lender-required mortgage insurance! 

Give me a call!

Part of the planning process is to build your home buying team! And together we can talk about your must-have features in your new home! 

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