Questions Any Professional REALTOR® Should Answer

When selling a home, there are only four elements over which a seller truly has control

  • Properly positioning the home in the market
  • Condition of property
  • Accessibility for buyers and their agents
  • The choice of a real estate professional
  • The choice of a real estate professional will be critical to the end result of reaching your goals in your time frame. 

The following questions will be helpful as you determine who has the market knowledge, services and experience necessary to sell your home at the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time for you.

  1. Are you a full-service company, or a limited service company**? 
  2. What professional designations have you earned?
  3. Do you provide professional photography of my home? What will it cost me? 
  4. Do you provide professional home staging or other services? What will it cost me? 
  5. Does your company website show all listings, regardless of listing broker?
  6. Does your company offer mortgage services and insurance services?
  7. How will you customize a marketing plan and will you put your plan in writing?
  8. May I see a sample of your property brochures and marketing pieces? Will mine look the same?
  9. Since this is one of my largest financial assets, it is important to me that I can trust my agent. Please explain to me the fiduciary duties that are owed to me if I choose to hire you.
  10. Tell me about your experience and what skills you possess to make you the best choice.
  11. How many homes are on the market in my price range?
  12. How many homes in my price range are selling each month?
  13. What is the market’s average list price to sale price in my price range?
  14. What is your average list price to sale price in my price range?
  15. On average, in my price range, how many days are homes on market prior to selling? 
  16. How many days on market do your listings average (in my price range)?
  17. What are hours that your office answers calls and how are those calls handled?

** Check online and your local papers for ad comparisons as some companies may say that they are full-service, but their advertising is small and difficult for buyers to find,